Puppy Delivery

We offer hand delivery of your puppy right to your door anywhere in the continental US! We don’t fly your puppy… we deliver them in a specially designed puppy coach that lets your pup stay comfortable and relaxed the whole trip.

Furry Trails Pet Transport (our transproter) leaves Ohio every week on Tuesday afternoons. Once they have the puppies all setteled in are on the road they will contact you again with a more accurate time of delivery. Please be aware that they are a 24 hour service and occationally they deliver puppies during the night.

Prices range from $200 to $400 depending where you are located. 

When we arrange the final time that the puppy arrives at your location you will get text, call or email with a window of day and time. The shipper will contact you several hours before planned meeting time with final time and location. 

It is a good idea to be available all day of the planned meeting day since routes can change unexpectedly due to more puppies added to the route, cancelations or traffic issues.

Included with shipment of each puppy is its certified health certificate, vaccination and worming record,  small bag of food, microchip and a Scented Blankie along with the puppy that way your puppy will be more Comfortable. The Pumpkin is a Treat for the Puppy it will prevent Diarrhea.

We would appreciate a call once your puppy has been delivered to be sure everything is okay.

If you have any Questions feel free to Text or Call us.


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