1. I picked up my sweet girl Harper Lee on Feb. 12, 2022. She is a standard aussiedoodle. Along with Harper I received her shot records which were fully up to date, a bag of food and she was even micro chipped! Rob and Sue’s place is clean and looks like a puppy paradise. They are friendly and professional. I also appreciated the pics of Harpers mom and dad.. Harper has been the picture of health . Unfortunately I lost my husband one month after we got Harper. She has been a constant source of comfort to me. She is a bundle of energy and can play catch for hours. She is super smart. While playing ball if she brings it to me but drops it at my feet I will say “I can’t reach that” and she will come back and pick it up and put it in my hand. If I say “take a rest” she will go lay down at the end of the couch (ok only for a minute or two) then she is up ready to play again. She will sit on the arm of my couch next to me and lay her head on my chest. I love her so much and she returns the love ten fold. I thank Rob and Sue for my sweet Harper Lee!

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