Best addition to our family

We adopted our sweet little Minnie February 13th 2023, Minnie is a miniature dachshund. The entire process from start to finish was so easy. These breeders are professional, clean and family friendly. They invited us into their home to visit with our new pup. Minnie has been to the vet twice now for her first checkup and to follow up with shots, we’ve had no issues and her vet was also impressed with her. She’s been such a wonderful addition to our family and she’s so friendly with everyone she comes across. She’s so happy, playful and so very cuddly. She sleeps cuddled close to us, as she is very affectionate. I have recommended these breeders to my friends and family and I encourage you to check them out too if you’re thinking of expanding your family with a sweet little pup!

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